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Canine Caviar Benefits

Alkaline diet and its benefits

The pH scale measures whether there is more hydronium or hydroxide in a solution. In other words, it tells us how "basic" (alkaline) or acidic the solution is. A lower pH means something is more acidic, also known as a stronger acid. A high pH means it is more alkaline, or a stronger base.

7.1 - 7.4

Canine Caviar is an alkalizing diet. This means that our kibble will adjust the internal pH of your dog through our herbs and vitamins so that it reaches the healthy level of 7.1-7.4.

To find out whether your dog has a balanced pH, you will need to test their urine with a pH test strip. We are happy to mail you a free pH test kit. Just call or email us.

To monitor your dog’s pH, we recommend you try out our 10-week pH Challenge. A great way to join this challenge is to either email or call us to get signed up. We will then mail you a free pH test kit as well as instructions and a table to track your dog’s pH for the following 10 weeks.

It can help direct more oxygen to your dog’s cells; minimize cellular degeneration; address health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, liver and kidney disease; settle digestive upsets, reduce scratching and hotspots; reduce anaerobic activity; increase aerobic activity; and allow the DNA self-recovery mechanism to function properly.

This switch can be made at any time.

Manufacturing process and ingredients

LID stands for Limited Ingredient Diet.

We use only one protein and one complex carbohydrate in our kibble to mimic the diet of a wild dog. A wild dog will only eat protein once day in the wild. In addition to this, a dog is only able to process one protein and one carbohydrate at a time.

We do not use any preservatives or additives in our kibble.

We use a fermentation culture as our probiotic.

The probiotic fermentation culture probiotic is special because it produces enzymes, lactic ferments, and B vitamins which allows for the easier breakdown of proteins and nutrients in a more complete available form and over a longer period.

On average there is between 55% and 65% meat in our kibble.

We use a process called flash cooking to process and produce our dry kibble. We flash cook our kibble for six seconds at a moderate temperature (82 degrees Celsius). This ensures that all the nutritional value of the food remains intact while increasing bioavailability. This also ensures that our kibble is of the highest quality.

We use sustainable ingredients such as flaxseed, coconut oil, and wild salmon oil for proper Omega 3:6:9 fatty acid balance; Alfalfa & kelp for stomach health; chicory root and papaya for a healthy digestive system; vitamin C for hip and joint support: peppermint for a healthy circulatory system to support an active lifestyle; rose hips for added vitamin C; and egg lecithin for better absorption of the fats and proteins.

Taurine is an essential amino acid that is great for additional heart health support.

Canine Caviar is 91%-93% digestible.

Metabolized energy is the energy a dog can consume after digestion. All foods that have equal amounts of fat and protein, for example 26% protein and 16% fat, start out with the same number of calories. All proteins and carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram and fat contains 9 calories per gram. It is only the cooking process or quality of the ingredient that lowers the number of calories in the food. This means that the higher the metabolized energy, the higher quality of food it is.

Canine Caviar products

Chicken, turkey, buffalo, herring, lamb, duck, and venison.

We primarily source our ingredients from the USA, with a few exceptions. Lamb - New Zealand, Goat – Australia, Buffalo – India, Duck - USA and France, Kelp – Norway, and some vitamins are from Europe.

We offer our ‘Special Needs Diet’ for pups with sensitive stomachs; dogs in need of weight management; senior dogs; and dogs with health issues.

Our kibble expires 18 months out from the production date.

Canine Caviar should be stored in a dry indoor space.

You do not need too. However, we do sell some great supplements in case this does interest you.

Yes! Our treats provide another helping of extra nutrition and healthy supplements to your pets diet. They can be used as part of the training process, and as a positive reward for good behaviour. Our long-lasting chew treats can help relieve boredom and reduce destructive behaviour. They can also promote healthy teeth and provide oral care.

Feeding Canine Caviar

We’ve prepared this handy calculator click here to help you determine the optimal portion size for your dog. But please remember this is only a guideline. Every dog is wonderfully different. You should be thinking about your dog’s weight (current and ideal); metabolism; activity level; allergies; health status; and personal preferences as well.

If you’re not sure, why not give us a call or drop us a line? or We’re always happy to hear from our customers; we will advise you on what’s best based on your dog’s unique needs.

You can transition our food immediately.

It really depends on your dog’s preferences and whether they have any allergies.

Our grain free puppy kibble is perfect for young active pups because of its high calories.

Our kibble is made for dogs of all sizes. You need only to adjust the quantity based on your dog’s size. Use our handy calculator click here to determine the optimal portion size for your dog.

Yes. Our best-selling kibble for dogs with sensitive stomachs are Open Meadow or Special Needs.

We recommend using ionized alkaline water. However, any water source will work.

By using our specially made feeding calculator on our website. click here

Comparison to other diets

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